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Let’s be clear! New advancements in orthodontics make it possible to have “braces treatment” that is virtually invisible! Kalamazoo Orthodontics is pleased to offer Invisalign for our patients in Southwest Michigan as a comfortable and aesthetic approach to a radiant new smile!

Dr. S. Jay Bowman has a very unique background and perspective with the clear, braceless Invisalign®. He was one of the first orthodontists certified to provide this system in Michigan, so he’s had over a decade of experience. Dr. Bowman was also the first and, since 2006, is still the only Invisalign® Premier Provider in the Kalamazoo/Portage region. In addition, Dr. Bowman was one of the first four Invisalign® Teen providers in the United States.

Specifically, Kalamazoo Orthodontics was selected as one of only four practices for the Invisalign® Teen Investigative Research Team to conduct prospective investigations under the auspice of an Independent Review Board.

In addition, Dr. Bowman invented the popular Aligner Chewies and Retainer Retriever devices for use with Invisalign®. He has designed some pliers for individual adjustment of the aligners, too. He has also published reports describing the application of miniscrews and elastic forces with Invisalign® in textbooks and articles.

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In our efforts to develop new methods of improving orthodontic treatment, Dr. Bowman has created some simple, but innovative new devices for the Invisalign System that have become popular internationally.

Aligner Chewies

Invisalign® aligner trays must be seated completely on a patient’s teeth for them to work correctly. The first few days that a new set of aligners are worn, they fit very tightly and may not seat all the way. To assist in this initial seating, Dr. Bowman created a molded, plastic device called Aligner Chewies. Dentsply/Glenroe Technologies produce these tubular plastic rolls that patients can position between aligners at specific problem spots (where they see an air-gap between the edge of a tooth and the bottom of the aligner tray where that tooth should be seated). The patient then chews periodically on the Aligner Chewies over the next few days until that gap is closed. These devices were first introduced in the Fall 2005 issue of Clinical Reports & Techniques journal.

Retainer Retrievers

The next dilemma that Dr. Bowman tackled was improving the ease with which aligner trays are removed from the teeth. Aligners are often quite snug, especially during the first days of wear, and it may be difficult for patients to remove them. Some patients have mentioned even breaking their fingernails. So, Dr. Bowman had Dentsply/Glenroe Technologies fabricate a molded, plastic alternative, much like a darning needle, that he named the Retainer Retriever – designed to be conveniently attached to a key ring.

Invisalign® Survival Kit

The combination of Aligner Chewies, Retainer Retrievers and an extra case for storage of clear aligners are included in the Dentsply/Glenroe Invisalign Survival Kit.