Class II Combination


Dr. Jay Bowman first created and introduced the concept of Class II Combination Therapy as early as 1993. This technique incorporates orthodontics and orthopedics in a single phase of comprehensive treatment with braces. The treatment is designed to reduce the requirements of patient compliance and improve the predictability of on-time completion. Specifically, the treatment mechanics involve the use of molar distalization (with the Distal Jet) followed by occasional fixed functional support from devices such as the Jasper Jumper or Forsus Spring.

In 1996, Dr. Bowman was the first U.S. doctor to incorporate the Distal Jet into his practice and has continued to be instrumental in its continued development and modification; resulting in his own Bowman Modification and miniscrew supported Horseshoe Jet (US Patent 2003/0091952) from AOA Laboratories, Racine, WI. He has treated over 700 patients using the Distal Jet, has authored numerous articles (including papers in the AJODFO, Angle Orthod, Journal of Orthod, and JCO), 4 book chapters, and has participated in 12 Masters Theses examining these mechanics. Dr. Bowman also developed and has taught the Straightwire Mechanics Course at the University of Michigan since 2000, which features Class II Combination Therapy.