Insignia™ Custom Braces

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Start at the Beginning With the End in Mind

Kalamazoo Orthodontics is the first practice in the Kalamazoo area to have been certified to offer a system of individually customized, computer-designed orthodontic brackets, called Insignia™. Insignia™ employs a fully interactive software system that the orthodontist uses to design a custom prescribed appliance that is specific to a particular patient’s needs. It’s a precise, start-to-finish process delivering maximum clinical and practice efficiency. The high-tech Insignia Custom-Designed system begins with the end of treatment, long before an orthodontic archwire is ever bent.

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Braces as Individual as You Are

Your smile is as unique as your fingerprints. No other person on this planet has a smile exactly like yours. So, wouldn’t you prefer that your orthodontic appliances be tailored to your anatomy? With Insignia™ that is now possible! Insignia™ braces are especially designed for you using a state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology and precision manufacturing. This customized treatment not only provides greater results, but enhanced comfort and shorter treatment times as well!

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Unique and Innovative

Insignia™ is the only system on the market today that delivers a completely customized treatment solution for patients. Insignia™ has made the impossible possible! Even the most difficult cases have become more manageable with Insignia™.

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Shorter Treatment Times

Gone are the days where braces are a long-term commitment. Insignia™ provides exceptional results in a shorter period of time. The 3D imaging technology coupled with new techniques to harness the rapid acceleratory phenomenon (RAP), such as the Alveologic Propel System or through vibration with AcceleDent, Dr. Bowman can achieve dramatic results in less time compared to conventional braces.

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Fewer Office Visits

Insignia™ also reduces the frequency of office visits! The 3D imaging software allows Dr. Bowman to effectively and efficiently place the brackets in the most ideal position on the teeth. In addition, customized archwires are designed to move your teeth more smoothly, thus reducing the need for as many adjustment appointments.

model of teeth with insignia brackets

How does it work?

Your brackets and archwires will be custom fabricated in the Insignia™ lab using specialized 3D technology, which integrates the images taken in our office to accurately determine your optimal bite and smile.

This revolutionary software will map out how each bracket should be placed on each tooth to insure optimum results for you. This personalized fabrication of brackets and archwires will create a straighter path to the most optimum final result.

Kalamazoo Orthodontics is one of a select number of practices that have been certified to use Insignia™. This cutting-edge technology allows us to maximize your treatment plan and design a beautiful and natural smile that’s personalized to your unique facial structure.