Clear Alternatives

Creating the Most Natural Smiles: With and Without Visible Braces

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Radiance Crystal Clear Braces

Let’s be clear! More esthetic braces have been a goal since the 1980s in orthodontics. Initial efforts were made with tooth-colored, “plastic” braces, then ceramic or poly-crystalline appliances, and even putting braces on the inside surfaces of the teeth. Each appliance has had its own benefits and disadvantages.

American Orthodontics, the company responsible for making Dr. Bowman’s Butterfly System® braces, asked us to evaluate Radiance mono-crystalline brackets. Radiance crystal clear braces are smaller in profile and smoother than traditional ceramic brackets. Radiance brackets are clear instead of tooth-colored. As such, they offer a less noticeable and more comfortable alternative. Along with our Butterfly System® (also a low-profile and miniature brace) and Invisalign®, Kalamazoo Orthodontics has several comfortable and esthetic treatment options to offer those people seeking to improve not only their smile, but also their oral health by straightening teeth and improving their bite. So, more radiant smiles are possible to enjoy both during and after treatment.

Other Clear Brace Alternatives

At Kalamazoo Orthodontics we have many other clear crystalline style brace alternatives available including, Radiance, In-Ovation-C, Nexus, or Damon.

Invisible or Lingual Braces

Braces on the tongue side of the teeth (lingual or invisible braces) were introduced in the early 1980’s. In fact, Dr. Bowman treated patients with the first generation of lingual braces as an orthodontic resident in 1983. Two of the latest versions of invisible braces are called In-Ovation-L MTM and Lingual 2D braces. They were both designed specifically for minor tooth movement of only crowded or rotated front teeth. In contrast, Incognito is a system of full lingual braces for more complex situations.

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rendering of lingual brackets

Invisalign® – “Braceless” for a Great New Smile

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The Invisalign® System and Invisalign® Teen are state-of-the-art esthetic alternatives to typical braces. They are virtually undetectable so very few people can tell that you are straightening your smile.

The Invisalign® System aligns your teeth with a series of clear, customized removable appliances or trays (called “aligners“) – no brackets or wire.

Invisalign® moves teeth much like braces but these aligner trays are removable, so keeping your teeth clean is easier. The treatment times and minor discomfort with Invisalign® are much the same as braces.

invisalign the clear alternative to braces

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