Convenience is Key


Convenience is the Key at Kalamazoo Orthodontics

Three Convenient and Comfortable Locations to Serve You

Convenience is Key

We are well aware that there can be many barriers between patients and choosing to seek treatment. One of those barriers is a lack of convenience. The office is too far away, the hours are too restrictive, and you spend way too much time just waiting around. Well, here at Kalamazoo Orthodontics, you won’t have these issues. That is because we respect that convenient treatment is treatment that works for you. So, what are some ways we make treatment more accessible?

Flexibility With Payments

Being able to pay for orthodontic care often means finding at least two ways you can pay. For example, insurance for some of the costs and a payment plan for the rest. We offer multiple payment options, including assistance in obtaining third-party plans to make it easy for you.

Evening Hours

In general, getting orthodontic treatment means coming to the office every four to eight weeks, depending on the type of treatment. That can result in a lot of missed work and school. For those who simply cannot take the time off, we offer evening availability between the hours of five and nine.

Varied Treatment Options

Perhaps the most inconvenient aspect of treatment—at least in certain cases—are the appliances you wear. They can be too visible, force lifestyle changes, and just be an overall pain. But with varied options, you can choose the treatment method that is most suited to you.

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