How Does Orthodontics Fit into a Busy Schedule?

Most people have many important obligations during the day, usually involving work or school.   We work hard to create a schedule that is fair and satisfies regulations imposed by the Occupational Safey and Hazard Act.  You may be surprised that we have dozens of different “types” of appointments that require different amounts of time and equipment needs.  For example, appointments at the beginning of treatment are often lengthy and may be scheduled as frequently as once a week. During active orthodontic treatment longer appointments will be scheduled during the hours of 9:00 to 2:00, while shorter appointments (appliance and progress checks) are reserved for after school.

Some appointments are quite short.  During your treatment there will be appointments when the adjustments are completed very quickly even though they may be quite technical.  With new materials and methods involved in modern orthodontics we hope that your treatment is more convenient and comfortable.

Reducing Missed School

Understandably, many parents prefer that their children not miss school, however, let us explain the situation every orthodontic office faces.  Because 75% of our patients attend school, office hours would have to be from 3:30PM-11:00PM to accommodate all the students who do not wish to miss school. As we are certain you agree, such a schedule is impractical for the children and the orthodontist. Whenever possible, we will alternate morning and afternoon appointments for each patient, thereby providing the opportunity for all school-age patients to reduce missed school.

Longer appointments along with emergency or repair appointments will be scheduled during school hours, and no patients will be seen on a “walk-in” basis.  If you have a broken band, bracket, or wire, please call us so that we may schedule adequate time to correct your problem.  Patients late for their appointments or those coming to their appointments with broken braces will be re-appointed as they unfairly interrupt our schedule and put us behind for our other patients.  We strive to be on time for our patients’ appointments but if we run behind it is often due to those reasons described above.

Convenience is key for our patients.  We know your time is important.  So, we created something special just for you: we call it Club 57.  Once a month, we offer 5-7 p.m. special appointments for you 9-5ers.  Now you can get that smile you’ve always wanted at a convenient time for your busy schedule.  We’ll stay late just for you at our Portage location.  Come enjoy a cup of tea or gourmet coffee, melt into a massage chair, explore our eclectic displays, enjoy some music, or relax in our homey reception area while you surf the web on complimentary Wi-Fi.  Don’t forget that we offer Invisalign, clear braces, custom designed Insignia braces and, of course, our very own Butterfly System™ braces. So call KO at 269-344-2466 and join us for our next Club 57.

Rescheduling Appointments

We realize that appointments must occasionally be rescheduled, for example, if the patient arrives late for a scheduled appointment, or presents with broken appliances, or the appointment is overlooked by the patient.  We will do our best to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible; however, to avoid delays in treatment, it may become necessary to reschedule an after-school appointment to one during school hours.  Please note: Missed appointments will result in extension of your treatment time and may result in additional fees.

There is a fee for a missed appointment if 24-hour notification is not provided.