Emergency Care

Minor Orthodontic Emergency Care

Seeing an emergency care section on our website might make you worried, but we promise that true orthodontic emergencies are rarities. Instead, what we call orthodontic emergencies are almost always mild discomfort and inconvenience. Let’s take a look at how you should manage issues that arise during orthodontic treatment.

Genuine Dental Emergencies

Should you experience an actual emergency, it is best to head to the emergency room. Genuine emergencies are any of the following:

  • Trauma or injury to the teeth, gums, cheeks, and lips
  • Infection or swelling
  • Unmanageable pain

However, these issues should not be directly related to your orthodontic treatment. Instead, should they happen, they will most likely be due to other occurrences with your treatment merely coinciding with the problem.

Broken or Loose Brackets, Bands, or Wires

Because the mouth is used so much during the day, parts of the appliance will likely come loose every now and then. If the appliance is not cared for properly, parts may even break. If a loose piece is causing irritation, cover it with dental wax, and if anything comes off, save it. Whether the appliance is loose or broken, contact us immediately so we can schedule you for a repair.

Poking Wires

As your teeth move, the archwire can start to poke your mouth and cheeks. You can try to move it using a Q-Tip or even cut the end that is bothering you. However, we ask that you call the office before you make any alterations to your appliance.

General Soreness

Because appliances function by placing pressure on the teeth, you can anticipate there being some soreness. This is worst when braces are first placed and returns after each adjustment. The soreness is mild and can be managed by eating soft foods, using salt-water rinses, and taking a Tylenol or Advil if needed.

Loose Teeth

Teeth are held in place by an intricate series of ligaments. Moving them means loosing those ligaments, which can make it feel like your teeth are ready to fall out. We promise, they are not. You simply have to become accustomed to the sensation, which will be gone once they firm up into place at the end of treatment. Do you have any concerns about emergency orthodontic care? Contact us today.