How Do I Benefit?

creating the most natural smiles:
with and without visible braces

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness
– William Arthur Ward

Your smile is one of your most important assets. It helps you in social situations, inspires trust in professional ones, and just overall makes you more appealing—unless, of course, it doesn’t. Not everyone is born with the kind of smile that everyone thinks of as healthy and beautiful. But if you choose the right provider, you can get one anyway.

And a better appearance is far from being the only major benefit of orthodontic care. Straight smiles are healthy smiles, causing less wear on the teeth and gums and making it easier to get truly clean when brushing. Dental and gum disease are at a decreased risk and even things like cracked teeth and poor digestion are less likely.

What are some other benefits to consider?

  • Having a straight smile reduces your risk of developing TMD.
  • You are less likely to lose teeth later on in life.
  • Your speech may become clearer.
  • Snoring and other breathing problems may be reduced.
  • Your confidence can translate into benefits in other areas of life.
  • Other dental treatments, such as crowns and bridges, will work better.

Everyone above age seven needs to see an orthodontist to know if they require treatment. If you or your child needs to be seen, give us a call.