Positioner Instructions

In order to achieve the best fit of the teeth, best esthetic appearance of the smile, and an improvement in the gum tissue health, we have chosen to use an additional and special finishing step in orthodontic treatment. A custom-fabricated device, called a Tooth Positioner, has been produced in a laboratory just for you. The Tooth Positioner can finalize or refine your current orthodontic results if it is worn as directed.

The Tooth Positioner is to be worn 24 hours/day (but only for one week) in order for it to be successful. During the time it is worn, we ask that it be “chewed”. In other words, repeatedly clench your teeth straight into this mouthguard-type appliance and bite together with some force for about 20 seconds and then release. This “exercising” will straighten them even better than we have accomplished with braces, otherwise, you may need additional time with braces.

If the teeth are improved after the week of full-time wear, traditional retainers will be fabricated to replace the Tooth Positioner. The Positioner should still be kept safe to use as a “back-up” in case a traditional retainer is lost or broken. In addition, the Positioner may function as an excellent sports mouthguard.

As this device will be worn during school or work hours, there will certainly be some constraints in your ability to speak. Please provide a copy of this information to your teacher or employer and ask for their consideration and understanding during the one week period it is necessary for you to war this device full-time. The Tooth Positioner is an expensive investment to finalize your orthodontics, but the superior results of this extra step are most worthwhile and beneficial. Thanks for your cooperation and extra effort in completing your care! The small sacrifice is worth the smile!

WARNING! The week of full-time wear of the positioned is critical. You will fail to achieve a fine result if you do not wear as directed.

For more information on the Tooth Positioner, please read Dr. Bowman’s articles: