Protecting Your Teeth

Permanent scars on enamel. Swollen, infected gums. Lines and cavities. None of these should be present at the completion of orthodontic treatment, yet the negative consequences affect patients whose oral hygiene is less than acceptable. Plaque and food debris accumulate around braces, producing acid that leeches away calcium from the surfaces of the teeth. In addition, the very high acid content from soft drinks, soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored water, and sour candies contribute to destroyed enamel. Inflamed gums also cause teeth to move more slowly as the body is busy fighting infection.

Battling scars, cavities, and gingivitis requires regular and thorough tooth brushing, several times per day. Only a toothbrush will dispute these “bugs” and remove food debris stuck in the braces. Regular recall cleanings and examinations at your dentist’s office during orthodontics are also critical.

Dr. Bowman has written a series of research publications describing the benefits of the application of fluoride varnishes around braces to strengthen the enamel surface. These materials are painted on the teeth at regular intervals during braces. Varnishes have dramatically reduced incidence and severity of scars or “white spot lesions”; however, they are not the only solution.

Opal Seal – Recharge Bonding

Recent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of the application of a sealant on the front of teeth prior to placing braces. As a result of these results, we are not only use Halo fluoride varnish routinely, but we are also now applying Opal Seal for every patient starting treatment.

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